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500 kg/h Wood Chips Briquetting Production Line for Biomass Fuel

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This wood briquette production line is for 500 kg/h capacity.

The mateirals can be waste wood, old forest, wood leaves, wood chips, old wood and any kinds of wood wastes.

Wood Briquettes Advantages:

A. No binder need to be used. The finished briquettes are clean and renewable green fuel, which are ideal for use in boilers, open fires, etc.
B. Hollow briquettes are available, more easier for combustion.

Processings step by step:

Crushing parts

Hammer mill is the suitable equipment for milling the wood chips diameter less than 50 mm into 3-5 mm powders for briquetting.

Drying parts

Pipes dryer is the professional drying equipment for reducing the moisture 20-50% to 12% before briquetting.

Briquetting parts

Our Briquetting Press is screw type briquette machine, it can produce biofuel briquettes of hexagon, cylinder or quadrangle shape that is easily handled and stacked. The biomass briquetting machines are simple and compact, which can be mounted anywhere for your convenience.

Thermal shrink wrapping machine

Thermal shrink wrapping machine is an advanced wood briquettes packing machine in the market now. It adopts infrared quartz pipe to heat the packing material, PE film. In this way, the briquettes can be airproof, damp proof, and pollution proof.

The machines required for the whole line:

wood hammer mill                        1 set

wood dryer                                  1 set

Wood briquetting press                 2 sets

Conveyor                                      2 sets

Distributor                                     1 set

Thermal shrink wrapping machine  1 set

For more questions of the whole wood briquetting production line, please email us epbriquetting@gmail.com. We will give you 24 hours technical supporting on line.

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