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wood carbonizing furnace

From: EP Machinery

As our charcoal briquette equipment business expands increasing, most people will also inquire us the carbonizing technology.

Here there are three methods to make wood charcoal.

1. Using traditional carbonizing technology to make charcoal, but what we supply is that we updated the technology, that can increase the output and more frienly to our environment. We can design and build the tunnel kiln type as well as the smoking recyling system. This methos is for large scale charcoal production.

2.The second method is to use the connected type furnaces with more inner ports to make the carbonizing work more efficiently, this way is for carbonizing wood and briquettes.

3. The third method is mainly for carbonizing the sawdust into charcoal, we will use the continuous drum type furnace, like the rotary dryer. But this furnace working temperature will be much higher, even which can reach 800 degree. The high temperature is also the key factor to make good quality charcoal. Here this is the whole parts of our connected type furnaces, you can see the picture shown.

For more carbonzing processes, feel free to email or contact us.


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