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Wood briquette production line popular in Southeast Asia

From: EP Machinery

 The wood briquette machine, sometimes it also can be called biomass briquette machine or biomass briquette machine. The function of it is to compress the biomass materials into high density briquettes for bettter transporting or getting high heat value.  For our briquette machines, they can be used to make hexagon or square shape briquettes with a centre hole on them. The diameter of the briquettes ranges from 50-90mm as you want.  For many kinds of raw materials in our nature, they can't be pressed into briquettes directly, as the briquette machine has certain requests for the contains of the raw materials, such as the moisture content of the raw materials should be 8%-15%, the size of the raw materials before briquette making should be less than 5mm. In that case, we need a briquette production line to deal with these raw materials first.

For a wood briquette production line, it mainly consists of crushing process, drying process, briquette making process and packing proces, these processes are connected by conveyor system. Mostly, for the capacity of our wood briquette production line, it can be 200kg/h to 1000kg/h. 

Below I will show you a 800kg/h briquette line ordered by our Malaysia clients, which is used for making 80mm diameter briquettes. Their raw materials are rice husk and sawdust.

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1 #Gawehn
Gawehn Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren ich benötige eine kleine Wood Briquette Produktion Line.iskantus oft Horses with Wood. Ca. 60-80% Feuchtigkeit
Endprodukt: Wood Briquette 60-10mm.enge 500Kg in Oberhausen Fay
2017/1/28 20:03:34 【REPLY】
2 #Gawehn
Gawehn Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren ich benötige eine small Produktion Line for Wood Briquette
Material: Miskantus of Horses with Wood
Menge: 500 Kg in one Day. Endprodukt: Wood Briquette
2017/1/28 20:07:21 【REPLY】
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