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Wood briquette machine and hammer mill for Canada client

From: EP Machinery

In the northern hemisphere countries, especially these countries which are very cold in Winter, such as Russia, Moldova, Canada, etc, people prefer to choose pellets or briquettes as fuel for heating in Winter.

All we all know, in order to make good use of some wood waste and agriculture waste, we need the help of some machines. The related machines are wood chipper, wood crusher, hammer mill, drying machine, pellet mill, wood briquette machine, etc.

Necessary conditions of raw materials for making pellets or briquettes:

1. The size of raw materials must be 0-5mm.

2. The moisture of the raw materials must be 8%-15%

Normally the natural biomass materials cannot be made into pellets or briquettes directly, for making briquette or pellets, we need to use crushing machine or drying machine to process the raw materials first.

In the following are the photos of biomass briquette machine and hammer mil ordered by our canada client, the capacity of the briquette machine in the photo is 350-400kg/h for making diameter 60mm to 90mm briquettes:

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