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Economical Disc Wood Chipper

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Economical Disc Wood Chipper

Introduction of wood chipper

Our company produces the series of wood chippers machine which is a kind of special cutting machine for production high quality of wood, widely used in paper making, particieboard, fiber board in industrial production preparation section and the single wood production base, cutting raw materials mainly is the log. Can be divided into disc wood chipper machine and drum wood chippers machine.

Application of wood chipper

Disc wood chipper machine series of main cutting raw material is pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, fir and other kinds of log, stump, branches, wood, bamboo, path BanPi materials, cutting time remaining material, cotton firewood pole, and other non-wood fiber stem, the user can etc, according to the needs, in a certain range adjust the material of wood specifications. Is the paper mill, man-made board, fiber board in industrial production preparation section and all kinds of wood production base of the ideal equipments.Mainly by the base, the knife dish, feeding mouth, cover shell, electronic control system components.


1.easy Operation

2.Low and simple maintenance,

3.long working life and the low.noisy

4.wood slicer would be the best choice for dealing with wood scraps.

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