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Wheel mixer for mixing charcoal with binders

From: EP Machinery

As its name shows, there are two wheels on the wheel mixer. During the mixing process, the two wheels will keep rotating to grinding the machines and press the binder into the raw materials.

The advantage of the wheel mixer is that it can mix the binder with raw materials very well. Normally it takes 10 minutes to 15 minutes per batch. Especially for charcoal briquette making process, it is very necessary to have a wheel mixer. As the charcoal powder is quite light, the binders will be absorbed by charcoal powder only after pressing.

Except the wheels, there are also two driving plates in the wheel mixer, they will scrape up the pressed powders and let it keep be mixed.

In the following are the photos of our wheel mixer:

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1 #Eng.Haneen
Eng.Haneen Dear Sir,

this is Haneen Hudaib from Hilmi Abusham and Partners from Jordan kindly note we are intrsted in wheel mixer from your company but please note as per client requirement provide an offer for something similar but suitable that is able to mix and provide a homogenous mixture/paste of cardboard, paper and saw dust and a binder material to produce briquette (capacity above 100 lt. is required, but not more than 300 lt.)

please send your mail to send details.
2019/6/17 17:57:16 【REPLY】
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