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2Ton/h wet type floating fish feed pellet machine with steam boiler

From: EP Machinery

This 2Ton/h wet type floating fish feed pellet machine was ordered by Nepal client. It is screw type fish feed extruding machine. The fish feed pellets made by it can float above water for 12 to 36 hours. The steam boiler for it is used to ripen the feed pellets, which is good for pet or fish tasting.

The spare parts for the floating fish feed pellet machine are screw propeller, heating ring, wear-proof sleeve, cutter and mold. The size of pellets made by it can be 0.9mm to 20mm. In the following are the detailed specification of it:

Model: HSDGP-160

Power: 90kw

Capacity: 1600-2500kg/h

Cutter power: 2.2kw

Feeder power: 2.2kw

Conditioner power: 3.5kw

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1 #Nagababu
Nagababu 2 ton feed machinery price
2017/12/5 23:23:15 【REPLY】
2 #mamun
mamun I want to buy this machine. I am from Bangladesh and how can I get the delivery in Bangladesh. There is no contact option in the website.
2018/10/2 10:33:49 【REPLY】
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