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Waste tyre crusher with good performance

From: EP Machinery

Tire crusher is used to broken steel radial tire and fiber bias tire into 50*50mm rubber block at room temperature. It breaks and removes the bead ring to conform its feed specifications of the various tire products.The structure mainly includes motor, speed reducer, casing, cutter, screen ring, transmission mechanism, frame, etc..

Characteristic of our Tyre crusher

1. The  shredding  chamber  adopts  folio  compact  structure  for  easy maintenance, compact structure;

2. The shredding blade edges are made of hard alloy after subsequent high hardness, high wear special processing. In a short time,rapid replacement of wearing parts of the cutter solves the problem of hard replacement, difficult to repair and high cost.Long service life, high efficiency, advanced technology and convenient replacement,etc;

3. The machine adopts high efficiency,low noise,steady and high torque planet-gear speed reducer,easy operation and safe;

4. The circular screen is the structure of wire mesh,large blanking area and conducive to the eligible grading rubber block, avoiding the qualified rubber block repeated crush in the crushing cavity and reducing yield. Low energy consumption, advanced technology and high efficiency;

5. For oversize tyres also can achieve the ideal crushing effect after segmentation.

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