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Tree roots crushing machine/ shredding machine/wood log shredder for Singapore client

From: EP Machinery

This tree roots crushing machine also called be called double shaft crushing machine, shredding machine, wood log shredder, etc. It is good for crushing big size raw mateirals like wood logs and tree roots. 

It is equipped with two sets 75kw power electric motors. The max diameter of raw materials feed into it can be 350mm.  Normal size of  materials crushed by it can be 5mm to 50mm. If you want to use the crushed raw materials to make pellets or briquettes, you need to crush them into sawdust by hammer mill firstly. 


This wood logs shredding machine was ordered by a Singapore client. Now it is finished and wait for painting. He is going to use it in his wood pellet production plant. Please see the photos of this model before painting:

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