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small corn mill/ grinding machine with single phase good for home use made for Russia client

From: EP Machinery

If you have your own farm and feed many poultry or livestock, it is better to get a small corn mill in your farm. This small corn mill is good for grinding any kinds of cereal, such as maize, soybean, wheat, etc. The powder out of it can be minimum 0.075mm(200 mesh) and max 5mm. We can make different size sieves as you want. Meanwhile, as the sieves are very easy to change, it means you can buy one machine to make different size flour.

What's more, the grinding machine also can be used to grind chemical materials or other hard materials.

Our smallest model is HSCZ-230, it can be driven by 2.2kw electric motor or a 8HP diesel engine. The motor can be single phase, so you can use it at home. The details of it as following:

Model: HSCZ-230

Power: 2.2kw electric motor/ 8HP diesel engine

Max shaft rotating speed: 6600RPM

Capacity: 240kg/h for 1.2mm flour, 560kg/h for 3mm flour

Weight: 85KG

If you want a bigger model, it will be HSCZ-320, it is driven by 11kw electric motor or 15HP diesel engine. Please also see its specification as following:

Model: HSCZ-320

Power: 11kw electric motor/ 15HP diesel engine

Max shaft rotating speed: 4600RPM

Capacity: 950kg/h for 1.2mm flour, 340kg/h for 0.6mm flour

Weight: 138KG

In the following are the machines model HSCZ-320 made for our Russia client last week:

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