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Client from UK visited our E.P Machinery for briquette machines

From: EP Machinery

On 2015-01-19, one of our client from UK came to us for visiting. He ordered two sets briquette machines and one mixing machine in our factory. We tested the machines in the factory and have a good time with each other.

The briquette machines he ordered are used for making sludge briquettes. He requested for three different size. The pillow shape briquettes with 70mm length and 40mm length. The round briquettes with 15mm diameter. 

These sludge briquettes will be used for steel work. They have millon tons of waste sludge power in stock. The briquette machines will convert the waste powder into useful briquettes. 

In the following are the pictures of his briquette machines and final tested 15mm small briquettes:

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