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Shisha charcoal press for Ukraine client

From: EP Machinery

The shisha charcoal press is used for making shisha charcoal tablets. So it also can be called shisha tablet press, shisha briquette machine. The shisha charcoal press in the following is customized by our Ukraine client. Normally the press for our briquette machine is 30ton. But this client requested for 50ton. So we designed a bigger hydraulic pump for him. At the same time, to make sure a long working life of  the mold, the material of the mold and plunger is chrome.  .

The capacity of the tablet press is around 20,000 tablets/hour.

The motor power for the oil pump is 18.5kw. The motor power for the feeder is 1.1kw.  The feeder is used to feed the charcoal powder into the mold. It will feed 2-4times for every punching.

At the same time, we designed PLC system for our tablet press. It means that you can operate the machine by the computor on it. You can set it as automatic operation or hand operation.

For your better checking, I will show you more pictures as following:


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