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Shisha charcoal briquette production line

From: EP Machinery

The shisha charcoal production line is used to make the charcoal tablets/cubes for hookah. Normally, it includes crusher, mixer, distribution hopper, shisha charcoal press machine, dryer and other auxiliary equipment ( conveyor and electric cabinets ). It is highly automatic, which can help customer to save labor cost. E.P Company can design the different shisha charcoal production lines based on customers’ detailed requirements.
The hydraulic shisha charcoal production line designed by E.P company, is more scientific and reasonable. It is very convenient for workers to operate and maintain the machines. This production line is equipped with PLC control system. Meanwhile, adopting advanced China famous brand components in main parts, which means longer lifespan of the machines.
Flowchart for reference:

shisha charcoal briquette production line 


Finished products:
The finished shisha charcoal tablets or cubes produced by our shisha charcoal press machine are good looking, smokeless, non-toxic, long burning time, high density, easy fire etc. The shape can be customized based on customer’s request.

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1 #Safta
Safta Dear sirs,
We kindly ask you to send us your best offer for a shisha charcoal briquette complete production line.
Please make your offers for the hydraulic and the rotary type and inform us about the composition of the material and the specifications required to receive high quality end products.
Best regards
Khaled Safta
2016/12/24 23:44:01 【REPLY】
2 #Dmytro
Dmytro Dear Sirs
I'm looking for hookah charcoal tablets production line
It has to be line to produce 2000 kg of hookah charcoal tablets per day (including dryer)
Infeed- wood charcoal from the hard wood. ( different dimensions up to 200x100 mm)
Output - tablets of dimeter 40 or 25 mm and height 12 mm
Packing 10 tablets per pack
Packing - 10 tablets per pack
Consist of
hopper for powder
mixer for liquid binder
an automatic feed system that will deliver a specified amount of powder and binder fluid to the mixer
mixing(wheel mixer)
shisha charcoal briquette machine (Hydraulic or rotary)
packing(packing machine)
2018/3/11 23:13:02 【REPLY】
3 #Abdulaziz
Abdulaziz Dear Sir or Madam
Kindly we need a quotation for a complete production charcoal line to produce shisha charcoal with packing machine, a capacity of 300 kg per hour.please send a price F.O.B.
Thank you in advance for cooperation.
Best Regards
Aziz Sharqi
Email: sandabuz@gmail.com
Mobile: 00966501160808
2018/4/23 2:13:32 【REPLY】
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