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Shisha charcoal briquette press

From: EP Machinery

E. P company is a reliable shisha charcoal tablet press machine supplier. You can easily make high quality shisha products from charcoal powder with this machine (sometimes, adhesives are needed). The shape, density and hardness of final shisha / hookah charcoal is all adjustable as you need.
1. High pressure. The shisha made by it has high strength, which will never be broken during transportation.
2. PLC control. It allows you to adjust the pressure or speed of the machine easily. It also can be totally automatic running.
3. Easy maintenance. The touch screen on the cabinet will show you the working condition of each part.
4. The thickness of briquettes can be adjusted by yourself.

Model HSYYP-25 HSYYP-49 HSYYP-100
Capacity 25pcs/time, 6~8times/min 49pcs/time, 6~8times/min 100pcs/time, 5times/min
Power 11+1.1kw 15+1.1kw 15+1.1kw
Pressure type Hydraulic type Hydraulic type Hydraulic type
Tablet diameter 10~30mm 20~50mm 20~60mm
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year
Weight 1.8 ton 2 ton 3 ton
Packing size 2.1*0.9*1.7m 2.3*0.9*1.8m 2*1.2*1.8m

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We are intrested in shisha cube making machine, please do mail us back the quote with complete technical specs and pricing to our mail ID

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