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Shisha charcoal briquette machine hot selling in Arab countries

From: EP Machinery

 Shisha charcoal briquette machine also can be called hookah charcoal tablets machine, it is very popular in Arab countries and southest countries. It is punching type briquette machine, it can press the charcoal powder into round or square shape.  The specification of it as following:




11 pcs / time,18-21 times/min


7.5 kw (4 pole)

Press shape

Round shape and Cubic shape

Press thickness

10-30 mm

Packing size

1460x1200x1730 mm


1600 KG


1 Set

The final charcoal tablet can be well shaped with smooth surface.  The machine can be designed into hydraulic type or mechanical type.  Following are some pictures of the shisha charcoal briquette machine and the final product of it.


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