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Energy Saving Sawdust Briquette Press

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Energy Saving Sawdust Briquette Press
Brief description of sawdust briquette press
This sawdust briquette press can be used to make biomass energy or fuel briquette burning for furnace, stove, boiler, etc from wood shaving, wood waste, sawdust, straw, cotton stalk, rice hull, peanut hull, grass, etc materials, or charcoal power for BBQ.
Work principle of sawdust briquette press
Sawdust briquette machine uses a screw to grind, compress and extrude the biomass into sawdust briquettes under high temperature 350 °C.The briquette made by this charcoal machine should be carbonized and then being formed the barbeque charcoal.
Processing for making briquette
Crushing Raw Material---Drying Raw Material--Press Sawdust into Briquette-- Pack Briquette produced
1)Crush raw materials into dust less than 5mm
2)Drying raw materials, the moisture after dried is less than 12%
3)Press sawdust into briquette under high temperature and high pressure using sawdust briquette machine.
4)Package sawdust briquette produced for transportation conveniently.



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1 #abdu
abdu good day sir
i intresant for charcoal briquetta machine,(4-6t/hr)
i need more details and quoition for this mashine pls

best regardes
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2013/1/4 23:49:22 【REPLY】
2 #shreya
shreya saw dust briquetting machine is used to heat industrial boilers and briquette are totally eco-freindly product. and does not create pollution when it burns.
3 #Briquetting
Briquetting Saw dust machine is really innovative and economical way to prevent air pollution. Similarly, the <a href="http://radhebriquettingplant.com">biomass briquette plant</a> machine is also used to make renewable briquettes.
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