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sawdust briquette machine

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 Introduction of sawdust briquette machine:

HSZB (series) Biomass briquetting is the process of converting substantialbiomass agro/wood wastes into high density and energy concentrated hollow bio fuelbriquettes (half-charcoal stick) under high pressure and temperature.

During this process, no need to use binder and noxious chemical.

Material requirements:

Materials selection:sawdust, sugar cane, rice straw, rice stalk,bamboo, corn / cottonhusk,etc.

Moisture: 8-12%,

Size: 3mm ~ 5mm

Final briquettes:

The out diameter of final briquettes is 30-80mm.

The length could be controlled and changed according to your requirements.


High capacity, Low energy consumption, Compact and durable.

HSZB-01 briquette machine:

HSZB-02 briquette machine:


Pictures of the final briquettes:

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