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Rotary charcoal press for round shisha charcoal tablet with high output

From: EP Machinery

The rotating type charcoal press machine is the most efficient shisha charcoal press machine. It is mainly focus on making round shape shisha charcoal. The output of it can be 56,700 pieces/hour. 

 The  popuar size of round shisha charcoal made by it ranges from diameter 27mm to 38mm. The most poupar size is 33mm, 35mm and 38mm. Normally the thickness of charcoal briquette is 15mm to 16mm. 

The power of this machine is 5.5kw+0.37kw. The dimension of it is 1.3x1.3x1.8M. The weight of it is 2000KG. Its working principle is a little different with the common shisha charcoal press machine in the market. The round shisha charcoal briquette is heaped up layer by layer in this machine. It has good appearance, also the strength of final briquettes is good.

 Please see more photos of our rotary charcoal press machine in the following: 

 If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact with us:   Wechat/whatsapp/viber account:  0086-13592528737.

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Dimitri To whom it may concern,

Please contact me regarding your rotary tablet press.

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Panitan Hello. My name is Heng from Thailand. I really interested in Rotary charcoal press machine and I need detail of this machine, price please contrack me this mail panitan.j@hotmail.com
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Lee Hello. My name is Lee from South Korea. I really interested in Rotary charcoal press machine and I need detail of this machine, price please contack me this mail wmusso@naver.com
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