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Roller type coal briquette machine made by E.P Machinery

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General introduction of the roller type coal briquette machine, charcoal powder briquetting machine, coal briquetting machine
The coal briquetting machine belongs to a pressing equipment.it can press the powder into the briquettes directly. suit for the metal powder,charcoal,clay,coking coal etc .Then, it can reduce the dust,re-cycle and easy to transportation.
Features of coal briquetting machine
1.High-Density coal briquetting machine
2.Advanced technology small coal briquetting machine
3.High briquetting ratio coal briquetting machine
4.Double rollers small coal briquetting machine
5.High pressure small coal briquetting machine
6.Durable&energy-saving small coal briquetting machine
7.Different design according to your place.

Raw material can be pressed by coal briquetting machine

1.Coal 2.Charcoal 3.Desulfurization Gypsum
3.carbon 4.manganese 5.light burning magnesium
6.clay 7.copper powder 8.iron oxide skin
9.sludge 10.silicon carbide 11. iron powder
12.gypsum 13.coke coal

Different Type coal briquetting machine
Roller type,Hydraulic Type and high pressure Type,different material suit for different machine,so,if give me the email,please send me you what your raw material is.

In the following are the pictures for our roller type coal briquette machine:

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