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Roller type charcoal briquette machine

From: EP Machinery

 As I said in the last article, there is one kind of briquette machine which can press charcoal powder into ball shape briquette or pillow shape briquette. It is our roller type briquette machine. Accturally, this roller briquette machine is not only can be used to make charcoal briquette. It also can be used to make coal briquette, coke briquette, iron briquette or other minerial briquette. 

The capacity of one roller type charcoal briquette machines ranges from 500kg/hour to 10tons/hour. The density of the final briquettes is based on the pressure between the two rollers. If you want to get high density briquettes, we can add hydraulic device on the machine for you.

In the following are the pictures of the roller type charcoal briquette machine and its products:

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Ball shaped or pillow type briquettes are suitable for any kind of industrial applications.
So, this roller type charcoal <a href="http://www.radhebriquettingplant.com">briquette machine</a> is wonderful machine having high production capacity.
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