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The New Upgrade Roller type briquette machine

From: EP Machinery
According to the demand of the market, we will again make upgrade for the roller type briquette machine. New upgraded roller type briquette machine are different for machine of other supplier, there are some characteristics for the new machine.
1. Advanced cutting process
All the steel plates are cut by the plasma cutting machine. Compared with flame cutting process, there are many advantages of the plasma cutting process. 
  a. Producing no metal chips.  b. Giving accurate cuts. c. Producing a cleaner edge.  Laser cutting for metals has the advantages over plasma cutting of being more precise. 
2. High-quality rollers
The rollers are the most important part of the briquette machine. Its quality directly determines the lifespan of the whole machine, and the quality of final briquettes. Therefore, we upgraded the rollers with the characteristics as following.
 a. Made from highest-quality raw materials: The upgraded rollers are made from high quality alloy steel, such as 65Mn and 9Cr2Mo. Compared with 45# steel, these raw materials possess better hardness, toughness and abrasive resistance.  b. More superior production techniques:
 First. The rollers are produced by the large CNC machine tool.  Compared with the small machine tool, the CNC machine tool is highly automated. Therefore, the cavities in the rollers are more accurate, which means that the final products will be more accurate, with accurate shape, and accurate size.
 Second. The rollers must undergo heat treated process, which used to alter the physical and chemical properties of the rollers. After heat treatment, the characteristics of the rollers will be evidently improved, including its hardness, toughness and abrasive resistance. Except for the rollers, all parts which withstand a load are heat treated. 
3. Accurate assembly
a. The whole machine is assembled on a professional assembly platform. Using the platform, all components can be assembled together more accurately.  b. After assembling, the whole machine will be tested on the assembly platform. Especially its dynamic balance, which is concerned with the effects of forces on the motion of machine. After repeated testing and modifying, we must ensure that the machine runs stably and smothly.  
4.Famous brand components
The machine is equipped with the highest-quality bearings, LYC which is one of the largest bearing manufacturer in China.
The machine is equipped with the highest-quality electric motor, Kaifeng electric motor which is one of the most famous brands of electric motor in China, with higher efficiency, higher stability, lower failure rate and longer lifespan.
5.Normative layout of the electric control system
All the electric wires are orderly arranged in the wire casing, it is very convenient for the workers to maintain the electric control system. Besides, there is a voltage transformer, which can transform the high voltage to 24V. Therefore, it will be very safe for the workers. 
6.Safety protection device
The machine is equipped with a whole protection cover. On one hand,  it can protect the operators from damages from the machine. On the other hand, it can also prevent dusts from entering machine. Especially for the rotation axis, bearings, electronic components, ect, which are very accurate parts, the dusts will decrease their precision and lifespan.
 The observation windows and access doors are also designed for the cover, it is very convenient for the workers to monitor the running of the machine, repair the machine.


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