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Hydraulic device on the roller briquette machine

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 As we know, for the roller briquette machine, it is used for compressing some mineral materials into round, bread or pillow shape. The shape and size of the final briquettes decided by the rollers. For some common materials, such as coal or charcoal, they are easy to be shape with binders, so they don't have strict request for the pressure of the briquette machine. But for some other materials, such as some metal powders, they are hard to be shaped. In this case, we should increase the pressure between the rollers of the briquette machines. Normally, we will add hydraulic device on it. 

The hydraulic device is made up of hydraulic pump station with motor, oil tube and hydraulic cylinders. The working principle of it is that the hydraulic pump station is full of oil, the motor will pump the oil into the hydraulic cylinders through the oil tubes. There is a piston rod in the cylinders. The oil in the cylinders will push the piston rod to add pressure to the rollers. So the total pressure of the briquette machine will be increased at a certain range.

The following is the picture of the hydraulic device on the roller briquette machine:

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