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Ring die briquette making machine with high capacity

From: EP Machinery

The raw material can be:

Cornstalk,Corncob,Wheat straw,Straw,Rice hull,Weed,Bean stalk,Peanut shell,Kaoliang stalk,Cotton stalk, Sawdust,furfural residue, Sugar cane residue,Wood chips,Branch,Tree leaves etc.

Working principle:

The forming part of the ring die briquette machine is made up of rollers and ring die. Once the materials are fed into the forming part, they will be pressed into squre shape under high pressure.

The capacity of this machine can be 2000kg/hour to 3000kg/h, it is quite high efficiency.

The main specfication of it as following:

Model: HSYK32

Power: 55kw

Capacity: 2000-3000kg/hour

size of final briquettes: 32mm*30mm

Main shaft speed: 130RPM

Packing size: 2.7x1.1x1.9M

Weight: 3600kg

In the following are the pictures of them and the square briquettes made by it:



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1 #Sergey
Sergey Dear Sirs,
We have interest for You machines, mod. HSYK 32, which produce briquettes from wooden chips, capacity 2-3 tons per hour.Please inform us prices for it ? Our raw material is wooden chips, moistures 30-60%, depends of season and size 0-120 mm (90%) and 121-300mm (110%). Which equipment need for us for arrange briquetting process with our raw material ? Which weight of 1 cub.m of Your briquettes (from wooden chips) ?
2015/3/15 9:29:22 【REPLY】
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