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PTO wood chipper

From: EP Machinery

PTO wood chipper is suitable for chipper wood branches, wood logs for tractors. It is most popular in Europe countries.


HSXP-8, PTO type, mechanical feeding system HSXP-8,PTO type, hydraulic feeding system
Specifications for Wood Chipper
Model HSXP-8 with mechanical feeding HSXP-8 hydraulic feeding system
Diamentions(L*W*H) 1600x1020x 1400mm  1600x1020x1400mm
Structure Weight 370KG  370kg
Blade turning Radius 302mm  302mm
Chipper Max. Radius 200mm  200mm
Chipper Efficiency 8~ 9m 3 /h 8-9m3 /h
Input turing speed 540rpm  540rpm
PTO Spline 6x6x520  6*6*520
Power Required 25hp~50hp  25-50 hp

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andreas hello can you swnd me a price for 2 HSXP-8 hydraulic feeding system pto typ with shipping to germany port rostock? regards andreas
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