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Mineral briquette machine HSYQ-360-2 with disk spring damper

From: EP Machinery

In the instrustrial production or mining process, some mineral powder with size less than 5mm are hard to be collected for using. In order to make a better using of them, the mineral briquette machine was designed. It can convert waste powder into big size briquettes.

Here I mainly introduce our model HSYQ-360-2 to you. It can be used for pressing many kinds of raw materials, such as coal, charcoal, sludge, iron, etc. The main parameter of it as following:

Model: HSYQ-360-2

Power: 37kw

Diameter of roller: 360mm

Width of roller: 400mm

Max pressure: 15ton

Dimension: 3x2.2x2.4M

For the capacity of this model, it depends on the size of final briquettes. For example, if you want to make 15mm diameter round briquettes, the capacity of it will be 6ton/h. If you want to make 70mm diameter briquettes, the capacity of it will be 13ton/h.

Meanwhile, normally according to the requirement of clients, we can add a disk spring damper on it. As we know, sometimes there will be some hard objects might be fed into the briquette machine. In order to protect the rollers, once the hard metal comes in, the spring will be rebounded back to let it get through the rollers.

In the following I will show your some pictures of HSYQ-360-2:

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