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2018 latest shisha charcoal briquette press

From: EP Machinery

Based on our experiences and clients feedbacks, right now we updated our shisha charcoal briquette press, it is totally upgraded and automatical, which can make high quality shisha charcoal briquettes with good density. 

Our advantages compared with other suppliers:

1.     The mold is processed by CNC, the precision is much higher. Other use line cutting process.

2.      The way of assembly is different, PLC system, hydraulic system and main body is in one body, first, it is safe, second, the structure is more compact and the performance is stable and the machine runs in a safe environment.

3.     The electricity system is more safe, we use plug way to connect the power. Others also need to connect separately.

4.     The design of mold system is more convenient. We use live mold, that can be replaced easily, and save much money for users. Others, when one is broken, the whole molding part need to be replaced.

 5.     The hydraulic system quality is reliable. It is with cooling system to ensure the hydraulic running stable and smoothly, and we use the steel pipe ,not the rubber pipe. 

 Besides this, we also supply you the whole service of designing the automatic production line of shisha charcoal briquettes, including charcoal crusher, mixer, pre-press machine, hopper group, PLC control panel, conveyors, etc. For each client, we can make the customized proposal. 

For more information, pls contact us any time.

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