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High pressure iron powder briquette machine with hydraulic device

From: E.P Machinery

For our briquette machines, normally they can be divided into three different types: common pressure type, high pressure type(with hydraulic device), high pressure type with force feeding device(with hydraulic device).

1. For the common pressure type, it is widely used for making coal briquette, charcoal briquette, coke briquette, lignite briquette and other kinds of materials which are easy to be compressed. The picture of it as following:


2. For the high pressure briquette machine with hydraulic device. It is specially designed for making some metal briquettes,  such as sponge iron briquette, powered iron briquette and so on. It also can be used for pressing some other minerals which are hard to be shaped, such as quartz stone. 

3. For the high pressure briquette machine with force feeding part, it is usually used for pressing some light materials, such as aluminite powder, lime powder , ect. This kind of briquette machine also can be called dry powder briquette machine.  For these kinds of raw materials, they can't come to the forming room relying on its own gravity. So we add a screw on the top of the hopper to force feed them. 

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