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Hydraulic pallet block press machine for sawdust and wood shavings

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Hydraulic pallet block press machine for sawdust and wood shavings 

 The hydraulic briquette machine can process various kinds of biomass agro-cultural materials, such as stalks, grass, rice husks, stalks,barks, sawdust, coconut shell, peanut sehll,etc into different sizes of blocks.

The hydraulic pallet block press machine is used to press wood waste into square shape wood block. 

The wood block can be used for making pallet or for fuel. 

Final blocks

Hydraulic briquette machine Finished briquettes

•Size 75*75mm and 140*145mm diameter, 

•Easy operating with very low processing / operating cost compared to Screw type or Hydraulic technology. 

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1 #amir
amir HI
I need at the price you block production machines.
2016/7/17 7:57:52 【REPLY】
2 #Greg
Greg Hi
I need to make blocks 75x75 mm and 100x75 mm.
Is it possible and what is a price this machine.

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3 #Egidijus
Egidijus Hello,

Interested briquettes all machine 24 pal. What price.
admin finally edited at 2017/3/27 11:21:31
2017/3/22 4:31:55 【REPLY】
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