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How to make charcoal briquettes from biomass

From: EP Machinery

There are two methods in making charcoal briquettes:

- Briquetting and then Carbonization
In this method, first the biomass must be ground into the powder form. The biomass is then pressed in briquetting machines. Biomass briquettes is then transported to charcoal kilns for further carbonization process. Due to high temperature during carbonization process, some briquettes could be cracked and damaged. Thus, grading after carbonization is critical step before shipping the finished goods to customers.

For this methiod, you will need biomass crushing machine, biomass briquette machine and carbonization furnace.

- Carbonization and then Briquetting
Raw biomass first is converted to charcoal form by carbonization process. The charcoal is then ground to form the powder. Since the charcoal doesn't have lignin as natural "glue" for briquetting, we need to mix it with small portion of water and binder such as starch before press it in briquetting machines. Because of high temperature during pressing, the starch will instantly form gelatine and bind the charcoal powder. Further drying process is necessary to reduce moisture contents.

For this method, you will need carbonization furnace, charcoal crushing machine, charcoal briquette machine and briquette drying machine.

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