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High pressure iron briquette machine with screw feeder

From: EP Machinery

High pressure iron briquette machine is good for making high strength briquettes, especially for making iron briquettes, aluminum briquettes, etc. If we add a screw feeder on it, it also can be used to make  lime briquettes and other dry powder briquettes.

The features of high pressure iron briquette machine as following:

1. Big hydraulic cylinders. (To provide high pressure)

2. Big diameter rollers with small width(To ensure enough pressure for unit area )

3. Big gearbox(To provide big torque and power)

4. Strong shaft(To support the big power for briquetting)

The high pressure briquette machine also can be used to press common raw materials, such as coal, charcoal, iron power, etc. The briquettes made by this machine is quite hard. For raw materials which is hard to be shaped, the high pressure briquette machine is very necessary.

In the following are the photos of 650 model high pressure briquette machine:

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