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Unique designed high pressure briquette machine with two driving shafts

From: EP Machinery

This unique designed high pressure briquette machine is specially designed for one of our domestic client. The most different part of it is the driving shaft. There are two driving shafts with two gearbox on it. This design generates much higher pressure. Especially good for pressing aluminum ash briquettes, lime powder briquettes, etc.The roller diameter of it is 360mm. The capacity of it is 3-4Ton/h.

As we know, for normal briquette machine, the two shafts of it are made up of driving shaft and driven shaft. These two shafts are independent parts. But for machine with two driving shafts, the two shafts of it are integrated. One end of them are in one gearbox. This design allows the rollers on the two shafts contact with each other more tight and close.

In the following are photos of it for your reference:

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