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high pressure briquette machine for making fly ash briquettes to Australia

From: EP Machinery

As we all know, fly ash is one kind of very light materials, it is not only light, but also dry enough. In briquetting machinery field, it is a one headache to be pressed into briquettes for further use. To open this market, E.P technical team just did a lot of work on it, and now we made a great process to pressing fly ash into briquettes. 

This machine was designed and produced for our Australian client, this is just beginning of test in the project. Once this machine runs well in Australia, we will cooperate with this customer to process the large capacity production line. 

This briquette machine was specially designed with screw force feeding and hydraulic pump station. Our engineering people will go to Australia for guiding installation and collect useful information for the next large capacity project. 

For more information about our briquette machines, welcome to contact us by telephone or email. 

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