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Small hexagonal charcoal briquette making plant for Afghanistan

From: EP Machinery

Charcoal is one kind of good soild fuel comparing with coal. Comparing with coal, the combustion of charcoal releases less smoke. It is non-poisonous and without terrible smell. Especially for barbecue, as the food with contact with the fire all the time, the fuel must be healthy enough, charcoal is the best choice.

In order to covert fine charcoal into uniform briquettes for better burning and selling, we manufacture different kinds of charcoal briquette machines, such as screw type briquette machine, roller type briquette machine and punching type briquette machine.

For the punching type briquette machine, its forming parts is made up of plungers and molds. Charcoal is formed into briquettes under the mechnical pressure. The shape of the briquettes made by punching type briquette machine can be hexagonal shape or round shape. Meanwhile, we also need some other auxiliary equipment for making charcoal briquettes,  such as crusher, mixer, belt conveyor, etc. These parts will make up a simple charcoal briquette making plant. 

In the following is the hexagonal charcoal briquette making plant for our Afghanistan client:

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