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1 #Erwinsyah
Erwinsyah Hi,

Please send me the quotation for shisha charcoal briquette machine. The product size i want to request is
1. 25x25x25 mm
2. 25x25x15 mm
3. 40x30x25 mm

Theese 3 size could be done by 1 machine, right? Otherwise please advise.
Please send also the technical material about the machine.


2013/11/28 15:18:45 【REPLY】
2 #Shreyavaidya
Shreyavaidya I want To publish my Blog post into your site about biomass briquetting plant and briquetting plant.

Briquetting plant through we can make briquettes which are eco-freindly and does not spread smoke when it burns.

Title:Briquettes are Ultimate source to protect Environment.
3 #pavel
pavel i would like to know how much is the cost of briquette machine for wood and cost to send it to Czech Republic.or did you sale a parts for this machine like is the screw and that briquette form.
regards Pavel
2013/12/12 13:59:44 【REPLY】
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