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Widely used grinding machine made by E.P Machinery

From: EP Machinery

Description of the grinding machine:

1. It is most desirable to crush various coarse grains and fodder, such as corn, soybean, sorghum, dried sweet potato slices and soybean cake. Each of these articles can be crushed into " powder" by one stroke without any residue.

 2. This machine is also popular in chemical industry, paper-making and medical industry, because it can be used to crush various kinds of chemical raw materials, exercise beating in paper making and process Chinese herbal medicine.

 3, Apart from the above-mentioned functions, it can also be used to crush fresh fruit, fresh sweet potato and soaked soybeans, which contain a great deal of moisture content. The crushing result is very good and praised by the users.

The following are two sets grinding machine ordered by one client from Haiti, they are now waiting for shipping:


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1 #Vachuska
Vachuska I'm looking for a simple machine for briquetting of wollastonite (fraction 0-3 mm), the size of briquettes 1-10 cm, forum does not matter. It is a natural material, similar to sand. Machine power max 2 t / h
Other possible outcomes - perforated brick
125 x 65 x 245-140 x 140 x 290
Please send pictures of equipment, specifications, price, delivery date. Europe.
Thank you. Vachuška
2014/6/15 17:26:29 【REPLY】
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