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Floating fish feed pellet mill

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Introduction of fish feed pellet mill

For floating fish feed pellet mill, we have two types, one is the dry method, another is the wet method
which need to fix the steam boiler to inject the steam when pelletizing.
The floating fish pellet mill is used to make the pellet from the grain, the soybean, the cereal, or other materials.
The pellet floats on the water at least about 12 hours. Especially for the aquaculture industry such as the fish, the
shrimp, tortoise, finless eel .The pellet diameter can be varied. If the pellet diameter less than 5mm, it is ball shape.

Application and Features

1.floating fish feed pellet mill(floating pellet)can make floating feed pellets for kinds of fish, shrimps .etc.
2.The final pellets can keep floating for 3-15 hours without pollution to water.

3.The floating time can be controlled by the puffing degree.

4.Floating fish food pellet machine can make pellet from dia.1.0mm-20mm just by changing the mold.

5.Electric heating device can improve the feed expansion rate and pellets floating time.

6.High temperature and high pressure can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections and also makes the pellets easily to digest.

Technical Data(wet method pelleting type)

Model Output(t/h) Main power Feeding power(kw)







DSP60 0.25-0.3 15 Mechanical feeding 60 mm 0.75 kw 0.37kw
DSP70 0.35-0.45 18.5 Mechanical feeding 70 mm 0.75 kw 1.5 kw
DSP80 0.55-0.65 22-30 Mechanical feeding 80 mm 0.75 kw 1.5 kw
DSP90 0.75-0.85 37 1.1 90 mm 1.1 kw 2.2 kw
DSP120 1.1-1.3 55 1.1 120 mm 1.1 kw 2.2 kw
DSP135 2.0-2.5 75 1.5 135 mm 2.2 kw 2.2 kw
DSP160 2.5-4.0 90 2.2 155 mm 2.2 kw 3.5 kw
DSP200 4.0-5.0 132 2.2 195 mm 3.0 kw 4.5 kw

Pictures of the floating fish feed pellet mill:

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