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Fast carbonzing machine for making charcoal from wood

From: EP Machinery

The vertical type carbonizing machine is suitable for carbonizing various kinds of raw materials, such as wood chips, coconut shell, wood logs, wood briquettes, etc.

It is made up of inner barrel, heat retaining casing, fume extracting device and wood tar oil collecting part.

The inner barrel can be taken out after 7-8hours carbonizing. Then we can put another barrel(full of wood chips) for carbonizing. The wood tar oil in the wood also can be collected by our machine. It is good for selling.

Model: HST-02
Output of charcoal: 800kg/batch/7-8 hour. Can make 3 batches per day.
Carbonizing time: 7-8hours
Total weight: 3.7Ton
Inner barrel weight: 950kg
Size: 2x2x1.9M

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I am Jernej Javoršek from Slovenia. For eight years I have been working on the production of charcoal. In Slovenia, the production of charcoal is still very primitive. I make about 30 tonnes of charcoal a year. I think that in the future, I would produce charcoal in a professional way. I find your machine very interesting and useful. I wonder how much this machine costs and how much delivery would cost to slovenia.
Thank you
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