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Dust-free charcoal crushing machine

From: EP Machinery

The charcoal crusher is a special crusher which is used for crushing charcoal, it is suitable for different kinds of charcoal, such as wood charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, etc.

The charcoal crusher is a unique equipment which is designed by E.P, Here are the key advantages of E.P Charcoal Crusher:

1. The special charcoal crusher is suitable for all kinds of charcoal, whether it is wood charcoal, or coconut shell charcoal and so on.

2. The fineness of charcoal is adjustable. The special charcoal crusher is equipped with a device, to adjust the fineness of resulting charcoal easly.

3. High efficiency&Environmental friendly. The special charcoal crusher consist of three sets of rollers, the rollers squeeze lump charcoal into charcoal fines. No winds, no dust, and high efficiency.

4. Long lifespan. The rollers are made from high-quality alloy steel, and heat treated. Compared with normal crusher, the special charcoal crusher has longer lifespan.

5. ASTM&EU standard Plug and Socket, to make it more convenient and safe to connect machine with power.

6. Advanced electric control panel, to make it more convenient and easy for operating.














This charcoal dust crushing machine is mostly used in charcoal briquette production line and charcoal processing field, E.P will provide you with the best proposal if clients need. 

If you are interested in our charcoal crusher and other briquetting machine in charcoal production industry, contact Nana for quotation and details.


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