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Dry powder briquette making machine---High pressure briquette machine

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High Pressure briquette machine also named dry power briquette machine. The High Pressure briquette machine mainly applies on the ball and brick making of non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal mineral powder, it enters the furnace directly to increase the additional value. All metallurgy industry waste and accessory that need furnace use ball press machine. Such as dedusting ash, pool mud, oxide, slag, iron flavor powder, aluminum ash powder, silicon manganese ore powder, etc.
Advantage of the Hydraulic briquette Machine
1. High Briquetting Pressure
2. Adjustable main engine revolution
3. Equip with spiral feeding equipment

Requirements for materials
1. Material size should be less than 3mm.

2. Materials are not allowed has hard metal objects to avoid damaging the pressure roller.

3. Return materials should not have too much clumps(3mm), return materials is not more than 50%
in the feeding materials.

4. Supply of materials must be sufficient, use variable speed screw feeder is better.

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