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Plastic Double-shaft Shredder for plastic/tire/electronic product/film/woven bag/wood

From: EP Machinery

The plastic shredder can be divided into 3 different kinds, they are  single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder and four shaft shredder. The main difference of them as following:
1-single shaft shredder:
Speed for high speed: 1450 rpm, single shaft structure, available incans, paint bucket iron copper metal into the ball, the crushed particles smaller,more uniform (or: 10mm*10mm*10mm). Currently the most primitive and the most common, but there are 2 shortcomings: one: the processing of paint and other big area of scrap iron, low efficiency of high power consumption, two: noisecausing serious nuisance, the advantages are: after four shaft shredder then into the single shaft machine , high efficiency and low power consumption.
2-double shaft scrap shredder
The knife shaft for low speed: 26/15 R / min, high torque (meaning: low speedcrushing strength), double shaft structure, can be used for metal, plastic,tires,woven bag,crushered particles (or: 20mm*20mm*50mm).
3-four shaft scrap shredder
The knife shaft for low speed: 26/15 R / min, high torque (meaning: low speedcrushing strength), four knife shaft structure, especially suitable for electronicwaste, tire, contaminated soft material crushing, crushing particle is a medium-sized, more uniform (or: 20mm*20mm*50mm).
Double Shaft Shredder Specifications
1.double-shaft 2.easy to handle  3.to crush film,bottle and so on  4.low energy cost
Double Shaft Shredder Application
plastic/tire/electronic product/film/woven bag/wood

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