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coconut shell charcoal making machine/ carbonizing machine/ charcoal carbonizer

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In South-east Asia, Africa, Latin America, Coconut is very popular. Coconut shells normally are waste. Now a lot of countries are making better use of them. For example, making coconut shell into coconut charcoal. The coconut shell charcoal can be used for water-cleaning, for fuel, also can be used for shisha smoking.

Our fast carbonizing machine is good for making coconut shell charcoal. For traditional carbonization furnace, normally it need one or two days to get one batch charcoal. But our fast carbonizing machine only need 6-8hours to get one batch charcoal. Firstly it is well sealed, which is very good for heat preservation. Secondly, after carbonizing, the steel barrel full of charcoal will be hoisted outside for cooling. In this case, we will get 3 batches charcoal per day.

We have two models for the fast carbonizing machine, one is HST-01 with capacity of 500kg charcoal/ batch, the other is HST-02 with capacity of 800kg charcoal/batch.

For HST-01, you can get 1500kg charcoal from it per day. For HST-02, you can get 2400kg charcoal from it per day.

In the following are photos of our hoisting type coconut charcoal making machine:


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1 #omar
omar Dear sarah

here is some answer of some often question asked

can I know what is your raw material?
we will use coconut shell and green dried coconut

what kind of charcoal do you want to make?
we want to produce briquettes coconut charcoal

How many tons coconut you want to process per hour?
we will need this model from you:HST-01 with capacity of 500kg charcoal/ batch

what is the moisture of the coconut?
above 25% we need a dryer machine

we will need also from you if you can provide us with related machine of the charcoal factory which is grinders and briquettes making machine
if possible to provide us all the machine needed to provide coconut charcoal briquettes with the total price

we can chat on whats app if you want my number is: 0096871507005

thank you for your attention


Ataa Company
2 #Victor
Victor Need batch Carbonero for my coconut Shell capacity 500kg/batch. Please add my we chat +628997912026.
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