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Every parts of a complete coal briquette production line

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Coal briquette machine is an equipment which can press variety of charcoal powder, coal powder, ore powder, coking coal, wood coal, coke powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, iron scurf, iron oxide skin, slag, gypsum, limestone, plastic, tailings and fluorite powder into ball.

For one complete coal briquette production line, it is made up of crushing part, dosing part, mixing part, briquette making part and drying part. In the following I will show you every parts of the coal briquette production line:

1.Crusher ( Two motors crusher)

This crusher produces fine particle with high capacity. It can product plenty of fine particle although the laminating crusher has bigger discharge opening gap. It ensures products’ quality and high production capacity. The final powder out of the crusher can be below 3mm which is suitable for briquette making.


2.Dosing hoppers

Here are at least two hoppers, one for holding binders, the others for holding crushed raw materials, there are all dosing device on the bottom of the hoppers so we can get a precise ratio of each kind of raw materials. 


3. Mixer (Double shaft mixer)

Double shaft mixer uses the synchronous rotation of two symmetrically-shaped helical axis. When convey the powder materials, add water to mix in order to make humidification materials does not either take dry ash or bleed the water droplet. After the process of mixing, the end powder materials are easy to transfer to other next equipments.


4.Coal briquette machine

Coal briquette machine can press all kinds of powders such coal, ore powder and coke coal into ball. Its rollers are made by hard materials, with good wear resistance and long life time. The machine electricity cost reduces by 60%.

5. The drying machine

For the drying machine in the coal briquette production line, it is equipped according to the moisture content of the raw materials. There are vertical dryer and box dryer for your choosing.

6. Belt conveyor

During the whole production line, we need belt conveyor to convey the raw materials to the crusher to crush, and then put the powders material into the double shaft mixer to mix. Last, you should transfer the materials from the mixers to the ball press machine for pressing.


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