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coal briquette pressing machine with E.P technology

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 The working principle of the coal briquette pressing machine

The roller briquette machine is used to pressing powder type mineral into high density briquettes. By doing this, it can make a good use of the waste and save a lot of cost for transportation. There are two matching rollers on it. The molds on the rollers decide the shape of the final briquettes. It can be used for pressing coal, charcoal, iron ore, aluminium powder, etc.


Different shape of the final briquettes: 

Ball shape, bread shape, pillow shape, egg shape, etc


In the following are different models for your reference:



Motor Power

Diameter of Roller

Capacity for Coal

Capacity for Coke

Capacity for Charcoal


7.5 KW

290 MM

1-2 t/h

1-2 t/h

0.6-0.8 t/h


11 KW

360 MM

2-4 t/h

2-4 t/h

0.8-1.3 t/h


18.5 KW

400 MM

4-6 t/h

4-6 t/h

1.3-2 t/h


22 KW

450 MM

5-7 t/h

5-7 t/h

2-2.8 t/h


37 KW

500 MM

6-9 t/h

6-9 t/h

2.8-3.5 t/h


45 KW

650 MM

10-15 t/h

10-15 t/h

3.5-4.5 t/h


55 KW

750 MM

15-20 t/h

15-20 t/h

4.5-5 t/h


75 KW

850 MM

20-25 t/h

20-25 t/h

5-8 t/h

In the following are some pictures of different briquette machines:



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