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15 ton/h coal briquette production line ordered by KZ customer

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Brief introduction of the 15ton/h coal briquette production line:

1.The coal briquette production line is ordered by our customer from KZ.

2.It is a complete coal briquette production line.It consists of raw materials drying process,crushing process,mixing process,pre-pressing process,briquette making process,briquette drying process.

Detailed description of every parts of the coal briquette production line:

1.Raw materials drying process

Before crushing,if the moisture content of your coal(or any other minerals)is higher than 12%.Then we should use a rotary dryer to reduce the moisture content.The heating source of the rotary dryer can be vary.Such as burning by coal,gas,or oil.Just as costomer required.There is dust collector system on the rotary dryer.So it can keep the environment  clean.

2.Crushing process

In this process,we will crush the coal into below 3mm powders.There are many types crusher can be used.We always choose two motor crusher.

3.Mixing process

To be honest,this process can be divided into two processes.One is mixing the coal powders with dry binders,next is mixing them will liquid binders.Here we will used double shaft mixer and liquid binder mixer to you.In our experience,for the double shaft mixer,we should use at least two sets for being well mixed.

4.Pre-pressing process

This process is preliminary  enhance the intensity of the briquettes.So it can be well shaped in the next process.The pressure between the rollers of pre-pressing machine is not very high.

5.Briquette making process

For this process,there are two types briquette machine for your choosing. One is mechanical type, it is common type, the pressure is fixed by our factory. The other is hydraulic type,you can adjust the presssure by yourself, and its pressure is higher than the mechanical type.

6.Briquettes drying process

This process is very helpful for getting stable briquettes. As we sometimes we use liquid binder in the plant, so it will increase the moisture content. If the final briquettes with high moisture, it is easy to be broken. Either box dryer or vertical dryer can achieve good result.

 If you are interesting in our coal production line,please feel free to contact us. We have professional design department, who can designed most reasonable briqeutte production line according to your real situation. We also have excellent installation team. They will help you to install the line in your factory, with free training for your workers.

If you really want to have a coal briquette line, please don't hesitate and we will never let you down!



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