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How to choose binder/adhesive during coal briquetting production?

From: EP Machinery

 For the binder, it is not a simple single species, we can understand it as a mixture, this kind of mixer will be made up of several kinds of materials, like phenolic resins, sodium silicate, guar gum, bentonite, etc. These materials are what we have heard from customers, but for the ratio, it depends. 
To be short, how to use the binder is also one kind of chemical technology, it is not a simple mixture, it must be used based on the materials that the users are going to use. So how to choose the suitable binder? It depends on the required calorific value, ash content, cold intensity and thermal intensity, secondary pollution, etc. 
For clay, some customers will use some to reduce the production cost, it also has the bonding function. However, users need to know that using more clay will decrease the calorific value of the coal and generate some smokes. 

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