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Coal ball making line in Kenya

From: EP Machinery

From 23 days ago, our workers is in Kenya for guiding the installation of one 10TPH coal ball making line. This line was orderd three months ago and was shipped to Nairobi one month ago.

It is line which is made up of crusher, dosing hoppers, mixing machine, briquette machine, briquette drying machine and many conveyors. It is complete system. Normally, for such a briquette line, we will arrange our staffs to come for helping installation. It will need one mechanical engineer, one electrician and one translator. If you can find a translator in your lcoal place, then two person is enough.

In the following are the services we will provide when our workers arrive:

1. Help you to make foundations for some machines, like rotary dryer, briquette machine, etc.

2. Help you to arrange the space for displaying the machines to save place for you.

3. Help you to solve temporary emergency in the site.

4. The electrician will help you to make program for the line.

5. Free training to your workers, such as how to change the spare parts.

Some pictures of our Kenya coal briquette production line under ins:

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Please provide a coal briquette machine for 10TPH, which process coal powder into Briquettes with all shapes i.e Coal Ball, Roller, BBQ, and Shisha.
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