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Coal ball briquetting machine for civil and industrial coal production

From: EP Machinery

The coal ball briquetting machine is suitable for civil and industrial coal production. It features in excellent technical performance, compact structure, reasonable assembly process, special alloy rollers, and long life-span. In addition, it also solves the troubles of low molding pressure and low strength problem in coal briquette production, and can be the ideal machine in this field.

1. Working principle and application:

Briquetting line is the transformation of a powder or granular product formed into composition with more valued pressure. This is for recycling mine waste and coal waste in production, which accomplished by compacting the product with a roller press.

2. Suitable raw material for briquetting
Color and black metallic mine powder
Coal powder or charcoal powder
Other kind of powder materials
3. Available shape of the final product
Oval, egg, square, pillow, bread shape etc. If you need different shapes, we can change the rollers for you.

3. Features of coal briquetting machine:
1. Direct&professional coal briquetting machine manufacturer
2. High briquetting ratio
3. High pressure coal briquetting machine
4. Durable&energy-saving coal briquetting machine
5. Offer installation guide

How to choose a suitable briquette machine:

1. What's the raw material?

As different materials match different machines, So pls tell us what's the raw material, is it limestone powder, coal powder or other metal powder.

2. The moisture of raw material

The moisture determines whether dryer is needed in the process.

3. The size of raw material

It should be crushed if the size is too big.

4. Capacity you need

How many Tons per hour?

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