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charcoal briquette production project:BC and CB comparison

From: EP Machinery

Investors always have the doubt of making the charcoal briquettes. They do not know which process is much more efficient based on their real situation. Here let us give you a clear flowchart to help you understand this. 

Suppose the materials in your hand are sawdust, what you want to make is charcoal briquettes. Commonly there are two methods that can do the charcoal briquettes: Briquetting--Carbonizing and Carbonizing- Briquetting. We call them BC and CB in short. 

Then what are the differences between the two methods? That is what we care about. 

Each process has its own unique advantage, it depends on users' choice. For technical assistance, contact us freely, we will be very pleased to help you in charcoal briquette project.

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