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Coal/charcoal Briquette Production Line

From: EP Machinery

E.P Machinery is a professional manufacturer of coal/charcoal briquette machine and the matched machines, such as crusher, dryer, mixer, conveyors etc. We can design the most suitable and reasonable briquette production line based on customer's raw material and requirements.
Raw material condition:
1. Coal, charcoal etc.
2. The diameter size of raw material should be below 3mm
3. The humidity of raw material should be 8~15%
4. Binder is necessary
Simple process:
1. Crusher ( It is used to reduce big size raw material into powders for supporting briquetting process)
2. Mixer ( it is used to mix raw material and binder more evenly )
3. Coal/charcoal briquette extruder ( the machine can compress coal/charcoal etc. powder into solid briquettes )
4. Auxiliary equipment ( such as conveyors, dosing machine, electric cabinet etc. which can make the briquette production line more complete and automatic )

charcoal briquette production line
1. More scientific and reasonable
2. More convenient for workers to operate and maintenance
3. PLC control system
4. Adopting advanced China famous brand components in main parts, which means longer lifespan of machines.
5. High automatic and complete, which can help customer to save labor cost.
Pictures Show:
* Crusher - Wheel Mixer - Charcoal Briquette Extruder
charcoal extruder production line
* Finished briquettes:
For the finished briquettes, it has a wide range of usage, such as heating, burning, BBQ, cooking etc. Since the mold can be customized, the finished briquettes could have different shape, for example, cylinder shape, square shape, hexagonal shape etc.
final briquettes
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