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Charcoal powder extruding machine

From: E.P Machinery

Our charcoal powder extruding machine is mainly used to press coal, charcoal powder coke powder, brown coal powder, coal waste into briquettes with or without a hole in the center with certain strength and improves the calorific value of coal or charcoal.

Inside the machine, there are thicken impeller, the impeller and lining plates are made of durable casting steels, the using life is 4-5 times longer than simple materials machine. Also the discharging port of the machine adopts changeable wear-resisting alloy steel, it's easy to change. The head of the machine wringings together, it can be open when the machine need maintenance and change wearing parts

Characteristics of our charcoal powder extruding machine:

1. Our machine absorbs advanced technology at home and abroad

2. Innovative design and reliable quality

3. Main parts is made from wear-resistant alloy material

4. Charcoal and coal briquettes with high strength and hardness

5. Low consumption, low investment, environmental friendly

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