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Charcoal powder extruding machine

From: EP Machinery

The charcoal briquette extruder is used to make charcoal/coal bars. Its performance is determined by the pressure(reducer) and screw angel of it. We can add automatic cutter on it, which can ensure you to get uniform coal/charcoal briquettes. The coal/charcoal briquettes made by it has good density and heating value. The automatic cutter for the machine is specially designed by our company. It can save a lot of labor cost for you. The briquettes made by it has good appearance and uniform size.
1. Special reducer. It makes the machine works more stable
2. Low noise and good working performance
3. Cooling system, can extend the lifetime of machine and ensure the quality of finished briquettes
4. Pneumatic cutter, can save the labor cost and make the briquette length uniform.
5. For the electric cabinet, it is digital display, which makes the operation more convenient.

Model HSLX-260
Capacity 0.8~1 t/h for charcoal briquettes
1.6~2 t/h for coal briquettes
Main Power 15kw
Cooling system power 90w
Horizontal belt conveyor power 0.75kw
Briquette diameter 6~50mm
Weight 1.8kg
Packing size 3.2*2.3*1.2m

Picture show
* Charcoal briquette extruder machine

Screw extruding machine
* Finished briquettes
The finished briquette can be used for BBQ, burning, heating, cooking and other purpose. The shape of finished charcoal briquette can be cylinder, hexagonal, square shape etc. It has a good appearance and high density.
final briquettes
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